Simon Geyer

A diamond-confined open microcavity featuring a high quality-factor and a small mode-volume

In out recent publication in Journal of Applied Physics, we report on an open microcavity containing a diamond micromembrane. Despite operation in the so-called diamond confined regime, where the electric field profile inside the cavity is maximized across the diamond-air interface, we demonstrate quality factors exceeding 120 000. We next develop a qualitative model describing

A hole spin qubit in a fin field-effect transistor above 4 kelvin

One of the greatest challenges in quantum computing is scalability. Classical computing overcome this problem by integrating bilions of nm-scale fin field-effect transistors (FinFETs) on a silicon chip. Here, we operate a silicon FinFET as a hole spin qubit above 4 K. At this elevated temperature cooling power increases by order of magnitudes compared to