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Daniel Riedel wins PhD prize!

Daniel Riedel has won the Swiss Nanotechnology PhD Award 2018, an award sponsored by the Hightech Zentrum Aargau. He received the award for his publication in Physical Review X on improving the quality of the photons emitted by NV centres in diamond.

Christian Schönenberger, Daniel Riedel and Martin Bopp (Director of the Hightech Zentrum Aargau) during the award ceremony of the Swiss Nanotechnology PhD Award (Image: Edward Byrne).

Richard WarburtonDaniel Riedel wins PhD prize!

Nanoscopy on single quantum dots

Our paper on imaging single quantum dots has appeared in Nature Photonics. The paper describes how rapid adiabatic passage on a two-level system can be exploited as an on-off switch. This non-linearity enables imaging the quantum dot with a resolution much less than that of a confocal microscope: 30 nm (λ/31) was achieved in this experiment.


Left: image of quantum dots in a semiconductor recorded with a confocal microscope operating close to the diffraction limit. Right: image of the same quantum dots using the switching protocol based on rapid adiabatic passage.

Richard WarburtonNanoscopy on single quantum dots

Matthias and Immo’s paper on the n-i-n-i-p structure appears in press

Our paper Narrow optical linewidths and spin pumping on charge-tunable close-to-surface self-assembled quantum dots in an ultrathin diode has been published in Physical Review B. The paper is part of a successful collaboration with our partners at the Ruhr Universität Bochum and the University of Copenhagen. In this work, InGaAs self-assembled quantum dots are embedded into an ultrathin p-i-n-i-n diode structure allowing for the deterministic charging of the quantum dots in the Coulomb blockade regime. The bias voltages, and thus tunnelling currents, can be kept very small, a particular advantage of the p-i-n-i-n diode. These excellent electrical properties allowed us to demonstrate narrow optical linewidths as well as optical spin pumping on single quantum dots in this ultrathin diode structure. The structure is fully compatible with the fabrication of photonic crystals. At least the editor seems to like it: the work was highlighted as an “Editor’s Suggestion”, as was another paper (Indistinguishable and efficient single photons from a quantum dot in a planar nanobeam waveguide) just recently published as part of this collaboration!

Richard WarburtonMatthias and Immo’s paper on the n-i-n-i-p structure appears in press
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