Nadia Antoniadis

Clemens Spinnler wins the QCQT Excellence Award!

Clemens Spinnler receives a QCQT 2022 Excellence Award in recognition of his outstanding work to “Optically driving the radiative Auger transition”, published in Nature Comm. and “Quantum interference of identical photons from remote GaAs quantum dots” published in Nature Nano. Congratulations!!

Spectrally stable nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond formed by carbon implantation into thin microstructures

In our most recent manuscript, published in Applied Physics Letter, we present an improved method for the creation of narrow-linewidth nitrogen-vacancy centers (NVs) in microstructured diamond. NVs are known for their exceptional spin coherence and convenience in optical spin initialization and readout, and are increasingly used both as a quantum sensor and as a building

Quantum interference of identical photons from remote GaAs quantum dots

Recently published in Nature Nanotechnology, we demonstrate quantum interference between single photons from separate quantum dots. Such a demonstration has been attempted multiple times in the past decade and appeared challenging. The problem is the noise: the noise affects the photon creation process of different quantum dots in different ways. Thus, single photons created by

A chiral one-dimensional atom using a quantum dot in an open microcavity

In our recent publication in npj Quantum Information we have demonstrated a chiral one-dimensional atom using a single semiconductor quantum dot in a tunable microcavity. In a chiral atom, photons propagating in one direction interact with the atom, while photons propagating in the other direction do not. Here, we achieve strong non-reciprocal absorption of single-photons,